Lemon And Honey: Myth or Miracle

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1. Cleanses Your Body, Acts as a Detox: Honey, lemon, and water purify in nature, and it’s a fabulous way to break the fast after resting at night. But for this to be productive, you must drink it at a lukewarm temperature as quickly as you wake up and ensure the honey you’re practising is pure and preferably organic.

2. Improves Heart Health: Lemon honey water may be advantageous for the heart. It can assist in decreasing blood pressure and can work toward calming down the blood vessels. It also passes excess moisture in the body through urination and helps in blood flow. As a result, they also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks.

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3. Promotes Weight Loss: The blend of honey and lemon makes you hold full for longer and decreases cravings, thus assisting you to maintain a healthy weight. It’s most satisfying to have this drink first in the morning or after your meals for the most dependable results. Honey lemon water helps in weight loss drinks. It is easy to make and shows its effect within a few days of regular use and a workout.

4. Stocks Energy: Sipping a glass of lemon water with honey every day is a magnificent way to start your day like a chief! Many researchers have found that taking this mixture every day provokes feel-good hormones and delivers you more energy. It also performs well for one’s mental health and may decrease stress while maintaining hydrated.

5. Boosts Immunity: Lemon is a substation of vitamin C that is excellent for the immune system. You can drink this beverage at any point of the day if you want to increase your immunity. The natural antioxidants present in the glass will boost your immunity and make you healthy.

6. Improves Digestion: Consuming honey and lemon in lukewarm water helps relieve constipation and improves digestion. It is very soothing. It replenishes essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium, phosphorous, vitamin B, vitamin C, and calcium. It supports kick-start your way, removes toxins and shields the body from getting infections.

7. Briskness in Metabolism: Lemon water with honey is a blessing for people with digestive difficulties or metabolism-related problems. The drink enhances and speeds one’s metabolism and limits unnecessary weight gain. Not only that, but this blend is also great for the gut and promotes bowel movement too!

8. Lowers Chance of Urine Infection: Sipping honey, lemon and water first thing in the day cleanses the urinary tract and holds urine infections at bay.

9. Good for Skin: This concoction does wonders for the skin, whether you’re employing it topically or sipping it. It is antibacterial, and cleansing in life purifies your blood, raises collagen and gives you radiant, flawless skin. There’s no discussion about it. It encourages people with delicate and problematic skin and improves skin health. In addition, the nutrients and antioxidants already in the drink provide necessary vitamins and minerals beneficial for the skin.

10. Lemon and honey help promote one’s immunity: It has below levels on the glycemic index and hence does not add to calories. Lemon is a rich reservoir of Vitamin C and acts as a detoxifying agent. The pectin fibres existing in lemon slow down the digestion of sugars and carbohydrates and promote gut health.


Placed together – honey, lemon and water – proceeds for a fabulous way to kick start your day. However, if you are acidic or allergic to lemon or honey, do not use it before consulting an expert. Also, if you observe your weight, note that honey is a source of sugar, after all, so only drink it once a day. Nonetheless, it is both tasty and very beneficial to health.

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